Six New Give A Fig™ cards

We’re excited to present the six new Give A Fig™ cards for 2014. They include a special, limited-edition “Celebrate the Season” holiday card. Two new birthday-specific cards feature a fire-breathing dragon and a frisbee-loving dog. Another new design inspired by my yoga friends and teachers encourages balance and calmness with “Just Breathe.” We also have a card for celebrations with a hot air balloon. It symbolizes peace in the world with a lion and gazelle sitting in the gondola enjoying a cup of coffee. Our most popular new design combines fine typography with a steaming hot cherry pie because “Love is all you need” (and maybe pie). It can be used for Valentine’s Day or any day of the year as an expression of love. We hope you enjoy the new looks as much as we do. Let us know which one is your favorite new Give A Fig™ card.


GAF dog front GAF snowcard GAF new balloon GAF yoga GAF dragon GAF love pie