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Free GIVE A FIG card

GAF15 lrGIVE A FIG™ is excited to present three new greeting card designs. To celebrate, we will give a free GIVE A FIG™ card to our first 10 fans. We want to hear from you!

The first of the three new designs is a birthday card. It turns things topsy turvy by featuring artwork with a fox riding a horse. The sly fellow wears traditional “hunt” attire and his top hat flies out behind him as the horse jumps. A phrase on the front encourages the recipient to “Horse Around” for his/her birthday and includes “Happy Birthday.” The bright red coat on the fox contrasts nicely with the rich green of the background clover pattern.

“I’m very fortunate to live in an area of rolling hills and bucolic countryside. There are many horse farms. I see the bushy tails and pointy noses of red foxes almost daily.” Suzanne recalls. “I thought it would be fun to switch it up and have the fox leading the horse.”

A second design is a superhero card featuring a woman flying over the city. She is a polished, realistic model rather than the typical comic book heroine with impossible proportions. Our message is that we are grateful to all the women who do so much for their communities and their families at home and at work. Her cape flies as she moves onto her next challenge. The title declares, “You’re a Wonder.” She is a companion to our male superhero card, “You’re a Hero.”

Finally, we’re very excited to share with you our third new design, the 2015 holiday card, “The Holiday Musicians of Bremen.” Suzanne has always been enthralled with the story of “The Town Musicians of Bremen.” This 19th century German tale, “Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten,” features four animals past their prime: a donkey, dog, cat and rooster. They meet on the road to Bremen where they join up to become town musicians. That night they discover a robber’s shack in the forest. The traveling minstrels peer in the window and see thieves surrounded by food and other treasures. The animals are hungry, cold, and weary so they scare off the criminals with a loud chorus of howls. After a failed attempt to reclaim the hut, the thieves move on and the animals settle into their new home.

Suzanne says, “Germany is a magical place during the holidays. Many of our western Christmas and holiday traditions began there. This story also reminds me of Mary traveling on a donkey to Bethlehem with Joseph to give birth to the Christ child. Music, snow, pine trees, peace, friendship and feasting are all cherished symbols of our holiday season.”

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Whether you want to buy one or 100, contact us today. We have cartons of new cards and envelopes for sale. We hope you like all three of our new Give A Fig™ cards!

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Remember to show someone you care and send them a card today. It is one of the most meaningful ways to express genuine sentiment and show someone you’re thinking of them. Because you Give A Fig™, we can continue to offer new designs. And we give back. A percentage of profits goes to help arts and environmental nonprofits fulfill their missions.

As in all of our other designs, these new cards are printed on the finest paper from responsibly harvested and recycled stock. They are printed in full color on the front and back, and blank on the inside so you can include your own personal message. Our studio is powered from renewable energy sources and the professional printer also utilizes sustainable practices. Thank you for your support and interest!