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Give A Fig Organizational Planners

We are very excited to announce that Give A Fig has partnered with Limelife Planners to produce three unique monthly and weekly organizational planners. Each planner features our whimsical, hand-drawn art that we enjoy creating so much. These are not your typical planners!

Why are our planners different? They feature fresh, modern, uncluttered designs in bright colors to help you organize. Each planner celebrates the Give A Fig artwork you’ve grown to love from our line of Give A Fig cards and gifts. They are handmade locally in Pennsylvania.

The planners are created on beautiful paper, with laminated covers and spiral binding. Inside pages include inspirational quotes, calendars, note columns, list pages, ideas, organizing pages, and more.

These are very special! Currently you can choose from one of three designs: Flights of Fancy, Garden, or Cooking. More designs are also in the works!


When Suzanne and Eileen first met Leslie, the owner of Limelife Planners at a local coffee shop, they were immediately impressed by Leslie’s attention to quality, detail, and her clean design style. Leslie, the owner at Limelife Planners says: “I co-founded Limelife Planners several years ago out of my love for planners, but not really finding designs I liked or the ability to be able to customize. I like uncluttered weekly and monthly pages, but still enjoy colorful designs. Limelife is the perfect balance of clean and fun.”

There are pages to track exercise routines and diet. Others for motivation and holiday planning. There are columns and boxes for lists and notes next to calendar pages so you can keep track of all the events and activities in your busy life.

Suzanne says, “I am simply thrilled with the various ideas that Leslie has introduced into her Limelife Planners. Our art and design with Limelife’s extraordinary style are a wonderful fit. I can’t wait until our customers see these in person!”

Are you into Bullet Journals? They are the Analog System for the Digital Age! Bullet journaling is a method for organization that is flexible to your style. Many of us are enjoying our Bullet Journals and now, these wonderful Give A Fig Limelife Planners give you the flexibility to organize by the week and month in a fun and beautiful way like your Bullet Journal.

Here’s a link to a video that shows you the various pages and features of a Limelife Planner:

We’re so excited about these new planners and we’re sure you will be too.