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Welcome Eileen, our new sales partner!

We’re excited to introduce our new sales partner, Eileen Butler. Eileen has joined the Give A Fig™ team because she cares about the environment and loves to support local artisans.

Suzanne has known Eileen for more than twelve years. They first met while Eileen was working with Suzanne’s husband, John, at a state nature society affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation renowned for its educational programming and advocacy. Eileen and staff provided the tools for communities to take action and protect the environment through land preservation and watershed stewardship. Today, the society manages more than 2,000 acres of land, including four nature preserves, and operates four educational centers.

Eileen is guided by her strong environmental ethic and dedication to nature, animals, and the land. She lives in rural Maryland with her son, Scott, and many lovable cats, surrounded by native plant gardens and a wildlife habitat for fox, deer, songbirds, and hawks.

“I love Give A Fig™ cards! They perfectly capture a sense of individual spirit and whimsy. Each design is beautifully conceived and comes from a place of joy.” Eileen said, adding, “it is vitally important to surround yourself, and especially your inner circle, with people who will challenge you to be a better person. Suzanne and John Gaadt are consummate professionals and quality people that strive to do their best in both their professional and personal life. Suzanne, the talented artist/owner of Give A Fig™ uses her talents to help others such as young kids in the community who are at risk. That is very attractive to me personally. The artistic designs are just so original, detailed and colorful. As an avid environmentalist I also appreciate that the cards are printed on recycled paper that is Forest Stewardship Council Certified so I know it is sustainably harvested. That is very important to me.”

Eileen grew up in New York and graduated from University of Delaware. Guided by strong beliefs, she lives what she proclaims, “with an entrepreneurial spirit, I believe in recycling, living in a small carbon footprint, and I strive to make decisions that will be beneficial to the environment, not just my wallet. I believe in supporting small businesses and look to do so whenever possible, and I believe in cultivating long-term relationships that are central to my personal and professional success.”

Look for her to stop by soon to say hello! She’s also planning some fun, new sales efforts. She’ll be reaching out to all of our existing customers in the next few weeks to check in, as well as visiting potentially new partners who Give A Fig™. Thank you, Eileen, and WELCOME!